Pink Planet GJ 504 b
Pink Planet GJ 504 b

Pink Planet GJ 504 b

Exoplanets are planets that lie beyond our own solar system and revolve around other stars many light years away. NASA scientists discovered one of the youngest and most interesting planets in GJ 504 b. Only 57 light years away from Earth, the exoplanet is thought to be only 100-200 million years old. According to infrared cameras, it’s a deep shade of pink. 

Michael McElwain, who was part of the discovery team stated that: “If we could travel to this giant planet, we would see a world still glowing from the heat of its formation with a color reminiscent of a dark cherry blossom, a dull magenta.”

Kyoto Diary Study Series
Size: 13in x 15in framed

Medium: Acrylic, ink & pastel on found paper
Ships in a box.