Mercury Five

Mercury Five

MERCURY, attempts to capture passion, anxiety, and chaos in a single moment. “I felt an unrest when I created these pieces,” she says, “I was going through personal and creative struggles, and it was liberating to pour myself out, transferring what was inside onto the canvas. Looking at the pieces now are like reading through specific pages of my journal and reflecting on the process has made me stronger. When others stand in front of these pieces, I hope they too remember and reflect on emotional and defining moments in their lives.”

Mercury 20 is a limited edition, original digital print series. Each piece is work of art on paper conceived by the artist to be realized as a print, rather than as a reproduction of a work in another medium.

46"H x 31"W

The work was created in part digitally and therefore only exists as a digital file until printed.

This special limited edition is hand signed and rendered as a Giclee fine art print on Somerset Velvet, 300Gsm. Each print produced is meticulously supervised by the artist herself for quality and authenticity through to final presentation. An official certificate of authenticity will be furnished upon purchase noting edition number and full details of the piece purchased.