She is part of me
She is part of me

She is part of me

Size: 55in x 55in

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Collaboration with my daughter.


Poem from #theshebook #57 by @TanyaMarkul

She wants to know what love is, how colors are 
made, where dreams live. She wants to know 
why the world is a mess, why change is hard, if 
angels exist. (She thinks they do) She wants to 
know the formula for peace and what it feels 
like to sleep alone in a forest. She wants to know 
how animals communicate. She wants to know the 
point of hope, the source of compassion and how 
Earth spins. She wants to know the chemistry of 
moonlight, the mechanics of fear and what happens 
after death. She wants to know what it means 
to be pure, whole, everything and nothing. She 
wants to know about past lives. She wants to know 
where we come from, how storms are born and what 
freedom is. She wants to know if personal growth 
comes from becoming or being. She wants to know 
how much room courage leaves for fear. She wants 
to know the blueprint of miracles, who listens to our 
prayers, and what it feels like to forgive. She wants 
to know what love is, how colors are made and 
where dreams live.

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